Happy Thoughts


Couture Show celebrates curves!

There is a growing change as the fashion industry embraces bodies that are womanly and aspirational…after the two aren’t mutually exclusive. And when I saw this picture of Tanya Gervasi, modelling in the Rome couture shows for Gattinoni, I just had...

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Time Warp

There’s a lot of conversation about the beauty we see in our media and how it effects us. I should know…the need for beauty diversity one of my pet subjects. So I’m taking this opportunity to salute the lovely Carmen Dell’Orefice...

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Gloriously Middle Aged

And on the subject of realistically achievable images. My latest press pictures seen here, have no post production on the face, hair or body. Why did I feel it necessary to leave stray hairs and skin, emboldened by the passing of...

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Ageless Style for all

It’s been fab looking through the pictures we took on the How to Look Good stage at the National Wedding Show. Yes we give lots of Body Shape advice to brides and our Ageless Style advice, especially for all the Mum’s who join...

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Militants in shapewear

It’s not often I see a picture that makes me smile from ear to ear – hardened fashion hack that I am – but this one sums up the state of play in retail for middle aged women. And so appreciative...

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This week I am mostly on stage!

It’s always a pleasure to rock up at the Clothes Show Live, give or take a few years, I’ve been doing this gig for around 20 years.The main stage host a huge spectacular fashion show and seats around 5 thousand....

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Woman on woman

Madonna’s appearance front page news? I don’t give a flying one if her face is puffier than usual, I wouldn’t care if it was a tiny column buried in the newspaper for die hard Botox junkies but headline status purleease! It really...

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Seeing beauty

Writing deadlines have held me prisoner recently but now free to blog I want to share this photo. I am surrounded by beautiful women modelling at a fundraising event last week – nothing out of the ordinary there, but I have...

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Ethical fashion imagery is kind to bodies

Later this week I’m writing a presentation at the request of Lynne Featherstone Govt minister for Equalities to deliver to officials who help ministers make policy. It’s a chance to help govt. understand where regulations of business practice that undermines female...

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Your opinion counts

Great to see we have now collected 45, yes 45, comments on the Debenhams website with our latest initiative the Style List which features Caroline, Valerie and Maxine seen here. There are many important points made about why we need to...

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Happy Ever after.

It’s National Wedding Show at Earls Court and I’m reveling in Bride make-overs, (NEC next week)  here I am caught mid pose with lovely Nicki who has had the full monty during our How to Look Good make over show. I’m...

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Have your say!

Janet Street Porter, Germaine Greer…They’ve all been rallying against fashion industry ignorance of the 40 plus market. And I’d like to say that I’m so powerful I just rushed into Debenhams and told them to sort it out. The fact is...

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Our forty plus models shine

Ahhh, holidays are but a memory, gone are shorts and vest tops but the new season brings its own rewards! A while back I told you we were looking for models  over 40 to model our autumn/winter trends…in fact I asked...

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No airbrushing here!

Great to see the start of the body confidence campaign. As you know I have been part of those meetings at the Houses of Parliament held by U.K. Equalities Minister Lynne Featherstone. The idea is to encourage fashion magazines and advertisers...

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All women deserve great fashion

So Janet Street Porter having a bit of a not unreasonable rant online today. I’m in full agreement with her. The average British woman is a size 16 yet she is not catered for amongst the rails of designer offerings. When I...

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