This week I am mostly on stage!

It’s always a pleasure to rock up at the Clothes Show Live, give or take a few years, I’ve been doing this gig for around 20 years.
The main stage host a huge spectacular fashion show and seats around 5 thousand. I do that 6 times a day with George Lamb – two people with natural grey hair on one stage,  is, in these youth obsessed times a phenomenon in itself I’m thinking!
My favourite moments though are talking individually to smaller groups though and I’ve been doing educational seminars for students.
Yesterday I made possibly the smallest presentation of my entire career, with only a handful of students from their college making it as all the rest were out shopping in the massive emporium that is the NEC right now. Tutors not impressed but I’m thinking the students there well and truly got their monies worth as I like to put on a show regardless!
From ‘colossal,’ to ‘cosy,’ in a nano second then, but contrasts are what makes life interesting doncha think?