Good Design

Good Design


Jane and I are used to creating sets for our live events and consultancy work. This set for the Little Mistress advert, really takes the biscuit though.

We worked with set-stylist Hannah White to create a visual feast, for our creative brief which outlined a lone woman enjoying herself without the need for a crowd. Our strap line ‘Be The Party,’ explains it all as you will see. After a days shooting within licking distance of lollies and other dainties we all anticipated  with more excitement than necessary, the call from our director Micci Billinger for WRAP.

Caryns cakes

Stunning buns

Once our model had finished the scene, all cakes were up for grabs. It made a wonderful change to be working with confectionary as well as frocks and we all noted it as a shoot with benefits.

Needless to say the wonderful cake creations supplied by Beth made us want to order more of her sumptuous baking for our ordinary work-a-day shoots.

Caryn's cakes 3

Cup cake deluge

Fashion without a liberal sprinkling of icing sugar is a wasted opportunity we say!

A tasty castle of candy

A tasty candy castle

Go on…help yourself why don’t you.