Your opinion counts

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Great to see we have now collected 45, yes 45, comments on the Debenhams website with our latest initiative the Style List which features Caroline, Valerie and Maxine seen here. There are many important points made about why we need to see a range of models of different ages.
Here is Louise’s comment below…
“I think this is a wonderful initiative. Here are my reasons why. Despite the fact that most young women are focussed on the moment and what’s happening NOW, my experience is that most of them are motivated , inspired and encouraged more than anything by hearing and seeing for themselves that they will still be cherished and admired when they are older. ‘You do not have to do it all by 21.’ Your world is just beginning.
The idea that ‘life is over by 25’ or that ‘no one will look at you unless you resemble an 18 year old reality star’ is fueling a massive increase in psychological disturbance amongst all age groups of women, an increase in cases of anorexia and a spate of completely unnecessary breast implants and facial surgery.
Therefore any campaign to promote older women can only be seen as being beneficial to all. By only featuring young models we are grossly distorting the facts of how wonderful life can be as an older woman.”
Indeed Louise Indeed.