Fun and Frocks

You’d think given the amazing weather over the weekend that I would be really cheesed off at having to spend it all in a huge windowless building, air conditioning so pumped up that I needed leggings and a jacket but…
It is with genuine delight that I’m posting my pics not really with too much to say about the Clothes Show Live except that I had a fabulous time.
Of course I had hoped to post some of the press pics and I’m still waiting but no matter I’m sure my marvelous dress by John Rocha will momentarily thrill you.
I’m announcing now though that the new red shoes blogged so excitedly about two weeks ago seen here with JR’s dress are on their way to a charity auction.
We’ve already had the chat about heel height but I have to concede that so extreme was the discomfort in these red devils, I had to return to my lucky Georgina Goodman heels for a romp down the runway to introduce the show with the delectable George Lamb.
Other times during the day I even wore flats to run then length of the Excel centre to the style stage
Of course I know from the feedback that I got that anyone who went did too and my body shape workshop in association with New look went down a storm (although this picture of me backstage isn’t the sort of body shape workshop I mean). I’m talking about styling tips to flatter your shape ladies what do you think I mean!
It’s amazing how many women came up to say afterwards that the figure fixing tips I had given on stage were very helpful.