An agent of social calm and feminine harmony!

I love a rifle through the Sunday sups to read… no not the fashion pages but the rest! Julie Burchill in the Observer is always good value for money!


Got to agree with her when she says fashion is an agent of social control, as you knew I would! She had a knock at a mate of mine but he’s not really the point of the piece, so I know he won’t take it personally!

What we (Ms Burchill and I) are both in tune with, is the relentless pursuit of the latest trends, the right looks, the most coveted bag etc. – which occupies some to the point of madness, is a way of distracting us from the real world – who’s got the time or the inclination?

Not me. I much prefer the gentle appropriation of the right clothes into our wardrobes to flatter our shapes. In that aspect I see myself as an ‘agent of social calm and feminine harmony,’ because if I can make it better for you with an understanding of what clothes suit your body-shape then you can get on with your lives.


Debbie was someone I worked with recently, who felt she was dressing older that her early thirties in baggy clothes.

Careerwear was what she wanted and I explained how to achieve an effortlessly simple look and approach. I also got to test drive my latest collection for Simply Be.

She went home happy and I felt really nice. That just about sums it up for me.