Older wiser and sorted?


Well I’m not a natural Sunday Times Reader but I see that journalist Shane Watson has extracts from her new book published in said magazine.

I was very interested to read her descriptions of women and their approach to beauty.

OK of course, I’m in the ‘Naturals,’ not the ‘Plastics,’ but within my category there are three subsections.  ‘Everything But The Syringe, Girl,’ which Shane confesses she is, does not apply, neither does ‘Old Fashioned Girl,’ who does modern things like ‘wax,’ and eyebrow threading.

A bic razor has always been fine for me ladies and shock horror I don’t have regular manicures and pedicures. So that makes me ‘Anti-Maintenance Woman,’ according to Watson. I’m presuming a whole load of her readers have stepped up their personal grooming hours in order to trade up from the lowest point scoring category. But I am unfazed.

That’s because, I have a whole different approach, and don’t care to be labelled. Yes, having worked in the fashion industry for over 25 years, I know clothes and I know what goes on in image making.

And I know all about the beauty industry having worked with cosmetic scientists over the years. It’s all there in my Ageless Style e-book along with some important observations of a culture that has begun to make woman feel inadequate for so many reasons.

Of course, I don’t judge any woman for asking how to look younger. It is after all, very pleasing to look good for your age (GFYA) or younger than your age (YTYA). But quite often women are just plain uneasy with getting older.

Working through and dismissing the reasons that create this insecurity in the first place as I do in my book, is vital. Let’s hope Shane has something to say on that too!